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noun as in object believed to have supernatural powers

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Example Sentences

Once you toss out the fetish for the “natural,” new options emerge.

I make a fetish of trying to spend enough hours in bed that I virtually never have to wake up to an alarm clock.

Later, we learn that sexual fetishes develop for the new power, and that men are held to be particularly susceptible to sexual masochism and the longing to be shocked in bed.

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After all, in our cultural scripts, a fat partner is a failure at best, a shameful, pathological fetish at worst.

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Squash fetishes, on the other hand, indicate a desire to be sat on or pinned beneath their partner’s body.

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Two of the “Fetish” sculptures by the artist known as B. Wurtz, from his solo show now at Metro Pictures in New York.

Valle plunged to depths most of us cannot even imagine, via an Internet portal called Dark Fetish Network.

Trichophilia: Hair Fetish Those that are sexually aroused by human hair are known as trichophiles.

Podophilia: Foot Fetish I was topless, sitting on a table barefoot stomping on bananas and yogurt.

Capnolagnia: Smoking Fetish I hate the smell of cigarettes.

The craft of the Fetish-man comes under none of the preceding categories.

On this occasion, the king of the village and the staff of Fetish men connected with it, take part.

His Fetish was a wooden bowl behind which he squatted at the roadside by way of adoration.

The realization of abstractions was not the embodiment of a word, but the gradual disembodiment of a Fetish.

His playful introduction showed him a child of Mystery, moved by Voices and inspired by a Fetish.


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