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They touch upon outstanding AI problems, such as reducing energy consumption, nixing the need for exuberant learning examples, and teaching AI some good ole’ common sense.2021 COULD BE A BANNER YEAR FOR AI—IF WE SOLVE THESE 4 PROBLEMSSHELLY FANJANUARY 5, 2021SINGULARITY HUB 
On March 10 of this year, I interviewed Willie Perdomo, the author of an exuberant new collection called “The Crazy Bunch.”I DIDN’T THINK I UNDERSTOOD MODERN POETRY. THE LESS I TRIED TO GET IT, THE MORE I CAME TO LOVE IT.RON CHARLESDECEMBER 4, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Leaders in the young, buzzy industry have had to temper initially exuberant timeline estimates as they focus on safety and satisfying regulators.CRUISE CEO: SELF-DRIVING CAR MARKET IS ‘LITERALLY TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS’RHHACKETTFORTUNEDECEMBER 1, 2020FORTUNE
No, it was Borat himself, the exuberant man-child whose catch-phrases like “mah wife!”YOU SHOULD SIDE WITH BORAT’S VICTIMS, NOT MOCK THEMSONNY BUNCHOCTOBER 30, 2020WASHINGTON POST
If Alibaba’s groundbreaking IPO represented the exuberant global mood of capital markets in 2014, Ant’s debut is the most high-profile reflection yet of how those same markets are now drifting apart.ANOTHER JACK MA COMPANY COULD BREAK THE WORLD’S IPO RECORD. BUT THIS TIME, THE U.S. IS MISSING OUTNAOMI XU ELEGANTSEPTEMBER 21, 2020FORTUNE
The glorious sun was strong in his might, and, like his Maker, warmed the northern world into exuberant life.THE GIANT OF THE NORTHR.M. BALLANTYNE
On the following afternoon he found her, for instance, radiant with that exuberant happiness he had learned now to distrust.THE WAVEALGERNON BLACKWOOD
In his presence she blossomed out, her eyes shone the moment he arrived, her voice altered, her spirits became exuberant.THE WAVEALGERNON BLACKWOOD
The reader falls easily under the spell of this exuberant enthusiasm and is charmed by the poetic power evinced.FRDRIC MISTRALCHARLES ALFRED DOWNER
George Sand describes it as "un peu exuberant de style, mais rempli de bonnes choses et de tres-belles pages."FREDERICK CHOPIN AS A MAN AND MUSICIANFREDERICK NIECKS


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