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While Dow 30,000 is a symbolic moment for the stock market, it is simply a continuation of the market’s euphoria after the pre-election selloff.

In medicine, the word narcotic refers to a drug that reduces pain, makes someone sleepy and gives them a feeling of euphoria.

Scientists Say: NarcoticBethany BrookshireOctober 26, 2020Science News For Students

Despite the euphoria I felt from being honest with them, I kept my identity close to my chest.

After the initial euphoria of skipping smog-filled traffic jams and cramped train compartments, a new reality has dawned in which the work day blends into the rest of life, like a never-ending video conference call.

Deutsche Bank analyst Emmanuel Rosner notes that with the stock market’s euphoria over other EV makers like Tesla, GM’s shares could hit $93 if the company spins off a stake in its EV business on the stock market.

When he had awakened, it had been with the euphoria all gone and with his present hangover.

The Stars, My BrothersEdmond Hamilton

It was against the law for dozy-pills to produce a sensation of euphoria, of well-being.

Operation: Outer SpaceWilliam Fitzgerald Jenkins

It seems to be one form of the random activity that goes with euphoria.

PsychologyRobert S. Woodworth

There is no metaphysical hair-splitting in An Enemy of the People, nor sentimental talk about euphoria and going happily to death.

By some of the earlier botanical works the litchi is placed either in the genus Dimocarpus or Euphoria.

The Nut CulturistAndrew S. Fuller


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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.