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In addition to sharing his dreams, Pauli opened up about his emotional turmoil, erratic behavior, alcohol dependency, and issues dealing with women.

Only child systems and planets with more erratic paths hint at past planetary sibling clashes violent enough to knock orbits askew, or even lead to banishment.

Yet a series of events — his own erratic health, his caddie’s positive coronavirus test — have left him with uneven results headed into this Masters.

Cruz’s lawyers came to suspect Simpson had been ill during what they said was her erratic handling of the case, and have now filed in both federal and state court seeking to have her denial of Cruz’s bid for freedom vacated.

The number of deaths was used as a proxy for the total number of cases, as the erratic availability of tests made the true infection rate difficult to determine.

He’s an erratic, inconstant presence in their lives — he’s never even been to Stars Hollow before this episode — but when he’s there, he charms them both into almost forgetting all about his absences.

Every episode of Gilmore Girls, rankedConstance GradyOctober 6, 2020Vox

As climate change leads to more intense—and likely slower, more meandering, erratic storms,—it can be harder to draw a comparison between the storms of the present and of the past.

The Postal Service doesn’t test employees or check their temperatures, and its contact tracing is erratic.

Electionland 2020: USPS Mailers, Pandemic Voting, Get Out the Vote Efforts and Moreby Rachel Glickhouse, ProPublica, and Thy Anh Vo, special to ProPublicaSeptember 18, 2020ProPublica

Generally caused by dehydration, high sodium can make people confused and erratic, and if untreated, can result in coma or death.

Sent Home to Dieby Annie Waldman and Joshua KaplanSeptember 2, 2020ProPublica

It was too dark, and he was moving too rapidly and erratically, for anyone to take good aim.

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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.