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The officer’s dress hat from the early 1900s had an eagle embroidered in gold on the crown, and golden oak leaves on the peak.

Raptors, such as eagles, hawks or owls, are at risk of eating contaminated prey if people put out poison for rats or other pests.

Without any kind of hint menu or way to highlight items in the proximity, much like eagle vision in “Assassin’s Creed,” you end up fumbling around for way too long, feeling frustrated.

She established an eagle sanctuary at her amusement park, Dollywood, because one time she got to worrying about bald eagles.

Visiting one and inserting the eagle emblem into it causes the top of its roof to light up.

Also in Germany, he made The Mountain Eagle, which was set, Hitchcock recalled, “in Old Kentucky, wherever that might be.”

During the 1970s, the then brand new F-15A Eagle carried the same antiquated armament as the Vietnam-era F-4 Phantom II.

The exercise, called Anatolian Eagle, was conducted well out of sight of the wars raging in Syria and Iraq.

These Tumblrs have both gone viral, but New York subway cars are still full of men sitting spread eagle across three seats.

As for the other two famous images, the blood eagle and the berserker—those are the result of mistranslations.

We always think of “eagle” when we think of “swoop,” but we do not often think of “swoop” when we think of “eagle.”

He was a good judge of men, that eagle-faced major; he knew that the slightest move with hostile intent would mean a smoking gun.

A golden eagle, the armorial ensign of the Ripperda family, crested the centre arch.

Thus once again was Siyes' saying proved correct: "He is a blackbird who thinks himself an eagle."

When I came to serve the dessert Sally was watching me with her eagle eye and her mouth watering.


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