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noun as in leader

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Example Sentences

The deadly Rice Fire in 2007 was caused by a Sycamore branch falling on overhead SDG&E conductors igniting a huge brush fire.

Like any good conductor, however, the Kennedy Center pivoted gracefully, transforming a portion of the REACH outdoor space into Victura Park.

As Hastings writes, Netflix is less like a perfectly synchronized orchestra, with a conductor directing how musicians should hit a note or hold a beat.

Janssen’s Thakkar, who sees himself as a conductor of sorts, reflected, “The value is in the data, but the power is in the orchestration of customer engagement using traditional and predictive insights.”

I will be a conductor of an orchestra, and the classroom will be my concert hall again.

He mistrusted the “shish-kebab temperament” of the conductor, the Armenian Alexander Melik-Pashayev.

Ninety-Sixth Street marks the first delay of the trip, the cause of which is lost in a garbled announcement from the conductor.

Dawkins is an adept cultural fire-conductor; the title of his bestselling book The God Delusion gives a clear indicator why.

Despite attempts to signal the conductor, the train was unable to stop in time, and it crashed into the derailed cars.

Shields went as far as hiring a real conductor to steer a train directly at the actress to get his memorable shot.

With unbreathing silence, and a heart into which all that was man within him was summoned, he followed his conductor.

A car conductor is instructed to treat passengers civilly and to use no harsh means with them, save in extreme cases.

His principal surely would not be liable, though the conductor doubtless would be.

The cylinder and steam-pipes were surrounded with sawdust about 20 inches in thickness, as a non-conductor of heat.

Do not continually pester either your companion or the conductor with questions, such as "Where are we now?"


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for conductor?

The word conductor is used in several different senses, and each has different synonyms.


In the context of music, a conductor is the one who conducts a musical group, especially an orchestra or choir. The specific terms orchestra conductor and choir conductor are sometimes used. The position can also be called director. An especially talented conductor might be called a maestro.

trains and transportation

On trains, the word conductor often refers to the worker in charge collecting fares or tickets from passengers, among other duties, such as announcing stations. In general, such a person could be called a train conductor. This sense of the word is also sometimes used for a person who does this on a bus.

This person may alternatively be called a ticket collector or a ticket taker.


Conductor is also a word for a material that conducts electricity, heat, light, or sound. Such a material functions as a medium for these things (such as an electrical current) to travel through. More specific terms like electrical conductor are sometimes used.


Sometimes, conductor is used in a very general way to refer to someone who is in charge of conducting, directing, or managing something. Synonyms for this sense include director, manager, and supervisor.

What is the feminine version of conductor?

Conductor is largely used as a gender-neutral term. However, to specify that a conductor is a woman, you could use the word conductress. However, this term is rarely used. The word conductrix is also sometimes used, but is also very rare.

What is the opposite (antonym) of conductor?

In scientific contexts, the opposite of a conductor is a nonconductor—a material that does not readily conduct electricity, heat, sound, or light. Certain nonconductive materials are called insulators. Examples of insulators include materials like glass, plastic, and rubber.

On this page you'll find 25 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to conductor, such as: director, maestro, manager, master, supervisor, and guide.

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