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noun as in grouch

verb as in complain

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Example Sentences

However, he lets shellfish, such as crab or shrimp, sit on the kitchen counter for too long, in my opinion.

She can watch the sunset on the Chesapeake and catch crabs off her dock.

Despite the name, they are not real crabs, so they’re not crustaceans.

You can’t throw a net without snaring a crab cake in Washington.

Their eight powerful limbs can pluck crusty crabs from hiding spots.

Someone called him a hermit crab lurking in the halls of the United Nations.

There were jokes about Winston shoplifting crab legs earlier this year.

Wrap cooked crab legs in bacon, and bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes.

When it comes to Dungeness crab, plain is perfect, but culinary adventurers should also try a house-made Dungeness crab burger.

Salmon burgers and shrimp burgers are available, too, but they are no match for the crab.

Leo stood in front of the Crab, and the half darkness allowed him a glimpse of that vast blue-black back, and the motionless eyes.

In the middle of his singing he felt the cold touch of the Crab's claw on the apple of his throat.

“Follow me, Mr Larks,” he said, turning and descending the ladder sailor-fashion—which means crab-wise.

She would miss the car and raise a hullabaloo, and maybe crab the whole thing in the start.

The crab begins by tearing the husk, fiber by fiber, and always from that end under which the three eye-holes are situated.


On this page you'll find 49 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to crab, such as: bellyacher, complainer, curmudgeon, faultfinder, growler, and grumbler.

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