Definition for bro

noun as in blood brother

noun as in chum

Strongest matches

buddy, comrade, crony, playmate

Strong matches

associate, companion, mate, pal, sis

Weak match


noun as in homeboy

Strong matches

brother, buddy, neighbor

noun as in pal

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Example Sentences

While the artist did all the work and took no credit, these bros are trying to capitalize on the art without doing the work.

Being outnumbered two to one, clearly I had 48 hours of bro time ahead of me.

I get that the “pool boy” bit is supposed to be funny but really, bro, you couldn’t last a minute in my world.

From Ozy

Because I’m still a firm believer in not missing leg day, bro.

From Ozy

After witnessing Frank’s condition, Kramer was inspired to make “the bro,” or “mansiere,” to help give Frank and his buddies support.

An older bro wore a red bow tie and a yarmulke emblazoned with the “TEAM MITCH” logo as he stared down at his smartphone intently.

That says a lot coming from a Boston bro–and one married to Gisele, no less.

Rafi, otherwise known as “Bro lo el Cuñado,” is the brother of the stunning Sofia, and stepbrother to Ruxin (Nick Kroll).

Like a guy who will tell you that his favorite movie is Caddyshack is a bro.

He was a gay bro, whose gay-ness was probably the most matter-of-fact thing about him.

In the summer of 1863 I held a meeting at Hendronsville, with Bro.

It is a source of devout thankfulness to those who knew Bro.

This was true, Odin thought, since this was the first Bro-Stoka who had ever been identified to him.

But a Bro-Stoka is a captain over ten Stokas and all their men.

Jes lak hees sister, who cum down here to visit Mis July, en bro't her little gal with her.


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