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In 1946, Morrison obtained plover in nuptial plumage at Bikini on May 3.

Morrison obtained a series of birds at Bikini in April and May, 1946.

The first of these surveys was conducted near Eniwetok and Bikini.

Bikini in 1946 was the scene of the first peacetime tests of atomic weapons.

Doctor Wetmore kindly made available many of the birds collected at Bikini during the atomic bomb experiments.

Morrison obtained ten specimens at Bikini in the period from March through May in 1946.

Following the pattern set by the Bikini tests, only a select score of press and radio representatives were admitted.

Bikini Atoll, scientists believed, needed only clearing and cultivation to make it once again suitable for human habitation.

Through the years of testing and later, Bikini also was the site of repeated biological investigations.

Bikini became, as it remains to this day, one of the most thoroughly familiar ocean structures in the world.


"low-waisted two-piece women's bathing suit," 1948, from French coinage, 1947, named for U.S. A-bomb test of June 1946 on Bikini, Marshall Islands atoll, locally Pikinni and said to derive from pik "surface" and ni "coconut," but this is uncertain. Various explanations for the swimsuit name have been suggested, none convincingly, the best being an analogy of the explosive force of the bomb and the impact of the bathing suit style on men's libidos (cf. c.1900 British slang assassin "an ornamental bow worn on the female breast," so called because it was very "killing").

As a style of scanty briefs, from 1960. Variant trikini (1967), with separate bra cups held on by Velcro, falsely presumes a compound in bi-.


bathing suit

nounswimming suit
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