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How to use loincloth in a sentence

  • Nowadays, it seems, we need more than a loincloth to protect our hyperaesthetic eyes from the Splendour of Nature.

    Impressions And Comments | Havelock Ellis
  • A rather stout man, wearing only a loincloth, was seated in lotus posture on a slightly raised platform.

    Autobiography of a YOGI | Paramhansa Yogananda
  • The men wore blouse, loincloth leggins, and moccasins, and the women dressed in short kilts.

  • Clothed only in loincloth, each one seizes a snake, and a rattlesnake is preferred if there are enough of them for all.

  • He, like his followers, was dressed only in a loincloth; he had copper bracelets round his wrists.

    For Name and Fame | G. A. Henty

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