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noun as in yes

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A reconstruction of the inside of an aye-aye’s head based on CT scans shows that this spindly digit probably pokes all the way through the animal’s nasal passages to reach its throat, researchers report online October 26 in the Journal of Zoology.

I will express my aye vote, but I think my fellow commissioners understand the next steps for us on this matter.

Think of the aye-aye, a lemur that evolved an elongated middle finger to probe deep into holes for grubs.

Remarkably, fossils suggest the strange aye-aye crossed to Madagascar separately from the other lemurs.

“Aye,” his father said—the last thing he would ever say to him.

Four Senate Republicans did vote aye on Lilly Ledbetter back in 2009.

“Aye ready;” and arm-in-arm we raced into the dining-room, scandalizing the servants.

The vote in the Senate was 81-18, with 27 Republicans voting aye and 18 nay.

Boehner and Paul Ryan voted aye, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy no.

Sur le confluant des deux rivieres, y avoit la plus belle assemble des Sauvages que j'aye point encore veue.

If you cannot bear the cigar in your mouth—aye, and enjoy it—you have no business with it: go back to your brown paper and cane!

My own individuality is entirely in the background; aye, I am not conscious of any personality in matters pertaining to the Cause.

There is great perseverance, aye, moral courage of no mean order, in his survival in the movement.

Aye,’ ses he, ‘and it makes the monied vulgarian think he is as good as those who only tolerate him.


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