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With in-room dining, a single oversight — the wrong wine — can be “a five- or 10-minute mistake,” since servers are apt to be out of view.
Take a deep breath and pay attention because we’re going to outline the 11 best ways you can use Google Trends to come up with apt keywords.
That said, as the platform continues to gain ground, buyers say advertisers will have to invest in creating content specific for TikTok’s highly engaged audience, who is not as apt to interact with material that’s not native to the app experience.
Bourquin wanted to see breaking at the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, a more apt platform and a friendly way to introduce the sport to Olympic officials, who skew older.
Wildfire seemed a more apt description of the disease than the straightforward scientific discussion of a virus and its vectors, perhaps because “virus” was already in use to describe the disinformation that enabled covid to scorch the Earth.
The chef calls the creamy sauce the “bell” in the concert of flavors, and it’s apt, thanks to ramp vinegar in the mix.
Again, death by a thousand cuts is an apt description of the situation facing the western bumblebee.
Where depression is usually defined as anger turned inward, Greene was apt to turn it outward and pick fights.
Wallen’s version has been kicking around for a couple years now, but it finally has a permanent home on “Dangerous,” and it’s placement near the middle of the tracklist feels apt.
We know our teenage children are apt to have romantic encounters.


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