Thesaurus / affirm


A tech company is affirming that automating certain decisions may not, in fact, be the smart thing to do — tacitly acknowledging that removing human agency can generate harm.
As a scholar whose research focuses on the ethics of communication and as a yoga teacher, I’m interested in how people use rituals and rhetoric to affirm their interconnectedness with one another – and with the world.
First, they needed to affirm that things were indeed quieter.
We believe that it’s every American’s responsibility to do what they can to affirm, safeguard, and advance the health of our democracy.
PFLAG envisions a world where diversity is celebrated and all people are affirmed, valued, and respected.
The conference provides a safe and affirming space, and gives attendees an opportunity to access needed legal and healthcare resources.
From no other source than the knowledge that this first proposition contains a clear conception of that which I affirm.
The Chinese affirm that the latter is the finest fruit in the whole world.
Moses does affirm as a certainty that man was created, and his wife also on the sixth day.
But this does not authorize the rational psychologist to affirm, from mere conceptions, its permanence beyond life.


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