Antonyms for guarantees

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Let guarantees be clearly given in writing and before witnesses.

The Imperial franchise and all which that guarantees is our birthright.

My age and the dress I wear may be my guarantees that I do not speak idly nor rashly.'

But he was able to give no guarantees that were considered acceptable by the citizens.

We have already spoken of guarantees that affect the spirit and the morale of labor.

But who guarantees that we shall have what was orally promised to us?

The process is long, painful, and discouraging, but it contains its own guarantees.

Perhaps Count Bismarck wants us to press his king for guarantees.

This Navy is only one of the world's guarantees of peace, of peace guaranteed by fear.

Either these guarantees are in the Constitution, or they are not.


1670s, alterted (perhaps via Spanish garante), from earlier garrant "warrant that the title to a property is true," early 15c., from Old French garant "defender, protector," from Germanic (see warrant (n.)). For form evolution, see gu-. Originally "person giving something as security;" sense of the "pledge" itself (which is properly a guaranty) developed 17c.