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verb as in assert

verb as in imply

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That is, of course, predicated on populations having access to the Internet and a basic education in areas like writing, math, or statistics.

From Fortune

All major veterans benefits programs, from Revolutionary War pensions to the GI Bill, are predicated on the notion that the dangers of military service merit forms of gratitude that secure future benefits.

Part of that approach has been predicated on the idea that the country would be able to handle a surge in new cases — but no effort appears to have been made to actually accommodate it.

The world’s second-biggest economy had become a market system that was fundamentally different from the capitalist model upon which most international trade laws and norms are predicated.

It may be creating a predicate for the Justice Department to make inflated announcements about mail-in vote fraud and the like in the run-up to the election.

They informed us that the money and Medicaid payments we received were predicated on a mistake.

Mainstream blockbusters, especially action flicks, are often predicated on out of this world plots.

But the rise of these firms is predicated almost entirely on success in their home markets.

They are predicated on an assumption of fossil fuel scarcity and U.S. vulnerability to volatile global oil markets.

“CSI which goes on the air at nine is predicated on sexual predators,” said Holland.

That is, if a truth be asserted of an individual, it can therefore be predicated of the class to which the individual belongs.

Their liking had matured into an attachment, which might have been predicated upon their consonance of feeling and sentiment.

Except that they all resemble each other more than they resemble anything else, nothing whatever could be predicated of the class.

Movement therefore cannot be predicated of infinity, without also attributing stability to it.

In general, everything which is predicated of an object either comes to it from without, or is its actualization.


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