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My mission is to normalize the use of cannabis and to make the plant more accessible to people of color.
Sometimes the best thing you can do as a platform is to understand that profit and efficiency is at risk, but seek the solution that allows for the most data-points to be accessible so all paying customers can utilize your advertising solution.
The sites are being offered as traditional polling sites, such as senior centers, schools or other public buildings, become less accessible amid concerns about the novel coronavirus, and are being offered free of charge, according to the company.
Some accessible areas were plastered with “No Trespassing” signs.
Coker said Lorson has made an effort to be responsive by putting the process on pause and is being professional and accessible in general, but still hasn’t addressed all of their concerns.
As California moves forward with telemedicine and online learning, communities in San Diego with limited internet access must make long trips to broadband accessible areas if they want to get to their doctor’s appointments and virtual classes.
Dietz suggested that Toucan will continue exploring different business models, but he said the team is committed to “accessible” education and will keep “a large chunk” of the offering free.
You have a bag that is in a good price margin and it’s quickly accessible—they ship in like 2 to 3 days.
Electrifying the fleet will require more accessible overnight charging, more affordable EVs, and batteries that last an entire day without recharging.
The islands are surprisingly accessible—a less than five-hour flight from Boston.


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