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adjective as in absorbent, penetrable

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Heat and dehydration also draw more blood away from the gut, making the lining more permeable.

Some kind of surveying mechanism would give landowners credit for permeable parts of their properties while taxing the roofs and driveways that water just runs off.

The reality of anitya extends to whole genomes, which are permeable to genes introduced from other lineages.

Lewis-Williams has suggested that—just like visitors to the caves of Upper Palaeolithic western Europe—the people who built these houses saw the walls as permeable interfaces, or portals to the cosmos’s spirit realms.

At the same time, however, these borders were permeable with a degree of social sanction.

From Time

When the intestine is permeable and inflamed, infectious or toxic substances “leak” through the lining into the blood stream.

Eakin did her best to make the division as permeable as possible.

At the same time, it would become a permeable border for Kashmiris, who could move back and forth easily.

After the first poisoning, the epithelia are permanently injured and remain more permeable to protein.

Blankets are to be employed rather than coverlids, as they are lighter and more permeable to perspiration.

When the ground is too hard to be dug, the Necrophori push the carcase further, till they find permeable soil.

The membrane is, however, permeable to the constituents of sea water or to sugar.

The greater part of the superior lobe was permeable to air, and the interlobular tissue contained carbon, in small, hard granules.


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