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tolerate is a synonym of accept

verb [ tol-uh-reyt ]

tolerate is another word for accept

Accept means to reconcile yourself to something, adjust to something, or put up with it (I decided to accept that my roommate plays loud music; I can accept bluntness, but I won’t accept cruelty).

Tolerate means to allow, endure, or put up with something (I won’t tolerate noise after 10pm).

Accept and tolerate both mean to endure something that is imperfect or not desired without complaining.

Accept emphasizes adjusting to something, whereas tolerate emphasizes that you don’t like what’s happening but won’t complain.

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blandish is a synonym of cajole

verb [ blan-dish ]

blandish is another word for cajole

Cajole means to persuade someone to do something, often through flattery or by making promises (They cajoled the guard into letting them enter).

Blandish means to coax or influence someone to do something through flattery (He tried to blandish his boss into letting him go home early by complimenting his tie).

Blandish suggests a more subtle persuasion than cajole but is less commonly used.

I know someone as smart as you would want to check out these synonyms for blandish!

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paraphrase is a synonym of reword

verb [ par-uh-freyz ]

paraphrase is another word for reword

✅ To reword something means to take something spoken or written and put it into different words while expressing the same meaning (I reworded the sentence so that it read more smoothly).

✅ To paraphrase something means to take a piece of text or statement and to put it in different words, especially in order to make something clearer (I paraphrased his argument).

Paraphrase is often used when you can’t remember the original phrasing of an idea or argument but do remember the meaning, and so you express the idea in your own words. It can also be used when you have to change the grammar or structure of a passage or quote.

Reword is used when you express something in clearer words, especially to make it more understandable or more suitable to your needs.

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