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assuage is a synonym of alleviate

verb [ uh-sweyj, uh-sweyzh ]

assuage is another word for alleviate

Alleviate means to make something easier to endure or deal with, or to lessen it (alleviate the pain).

Assuage means to make something less severe, or to ease it (assuage his distress).

Alleviate and assuage both refer to mitigating or easing difficult emotions or physical feelings.

Alleviate particularly suggests taking away all or part of a certain feeling or emotion (The update alleviated my concerns), whereas assuage particularly suggests soothing a feeling, sensation or emotion (Seeing all the flowers blooming assuaged their sorrow).

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peculiarly is a synonym of strangely

adverb [ pi-kyool-yer-lee ]

peculiarly is another word for strangely

Strangely refers to something happening in an unusual, odd, or weird way (The leaf was strangely colorful; The door creaked strangely).

Peculiarly refers to something happening in a way that is out of the ordinary (The house was peculiarly quiet).

Peculiarly can imply that something happening feels supernatural or excessively strange, emphasizing the idea that it is happening in a way that is different from normal (He was peculiarly subdued at his birthday party).

Strangely can also suggest this, but it also suggests things happening in an unexpected or odd way (The dream was strangely vivid).

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sidestep is a synonym of avoid

verb [ sahyd-step ]

sidestep is another word for avoid

Avoid means to keep away from someone or something (avoid a nosy aunt; avoid danger).

Sidestep means to dodge or avoid something, either by or as if stepping aside (sidestep responsibility; sidestep the issue entirely).

Avoid and sidestep both mean to keep clear of something.

Avoid is the more general word, and sidestep specifically suggests narrowly avoiding something.

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