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Tuesday, November 24, 2020


serene is a synonym of peaceful

adjective [ suh-reen ]

serene is another word for peaceful

The adjective serene means calm, peaceful, or tranquil. It is most commonly used to describe people who display a notably unruffled manner, or natural surroundings that are fair and calm. When applied to people, serene suggests dignity, composure, and graciousness. When applied to nature, it suggests mellowness. Unlike peaceful, serene is not used to describe relations, as between nations, or processes, such as transitions of power. In fact, serene, when not describing an individual's expression or demeanor, is more likely to turn up in descriptions of settings where people are scarce!

Commonly found as

face + serene
Despite the commotion around him, his face was serene and he seemed perfectly relaxed.
quiet and serene
She preferred to kayak in the early morning, when the lake was quiet and serene.

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Monday, November 23, 2020


intrepid is a synonym of fearless

adjective [ in-trep-id ]

intrepid is another word for fearless

Someone who is intrepid stays their course regardless of obstacles that arise. This bold adjective is a close synonym for fearless, but intrepid suggests a degree more resolve and daring. Adventurers, explorers, and travelers are all commonly described as intrepid; reporters, too, though not scaling mountains and traversing seas, are often described as intrepid, surmounting obstacles of a different variety. The phrase intrepid soul is used to refer to an individual who dares to do something to the surprise, delight, or admiration of others.

Commonly found as

intrepid reporter
The story had career-making potential for whichever intrepid reporter dared to take it on.
a few intrepid + noun
The rancher watched as a few intrepid cows broke from the herd and ran straight up the hill in search of greener pastures.

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Sunday, November 22, 2020


invigorate is a synonym of energize

verb [ in-vig-uh-reyt ]

invigorate is another word for energize

The verb invigorate is bursting with life! It means “to give vigor to” or “to fill with life and energy.” This animated term is similar to energize, but invigorate, drawing on vigor “vitality,” emphasizes healthy physical or mental energy or power. A brisk walk in mountain air will invigorate your senses; a fascinating conversation will invigorate your mind; and, applied a little more broadly, actions taken by a governing body, such as a city government, might invigorate a local economy.

Commonly found as

inspire and invigorate
The incredible stories shared by her neighbors inspired and invigorated her.
invigorate + economy
The senators were convinced that the legislation, if passed, would invigorate the economy.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar
Synonym of the Day Calendar