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Sunday, November 15, 2020


feign is a synonym of pretend

verb [ feyn ]

feign is another word for pretend

Pretend and feign both deal with attempting to create a false appearance. However, feign suggests a degree more sophistication in the art of deception. To feign interest in something is to represent your level of interest fictitiously. Unlike pretend, feign is not used to talk about playful make believe where all parties are privy to the pretense. On the contrary, feign is used in situations where one party aims to convince another of something untrue, as an emotional state or physical condition.

Commonly found as

feign ignorance
When asked if she had eaten the last cookie, she feigned ignorance and replied, “The cookies are gone?”
feign interest
He didn’t follow sports, but he feigned interest when coworkers talked to him about important or exciting games at the office.

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Saturday, November 14, 2020


pensive is a synonym of thoughtful

adjective [ pen-siv ]

pensive is another word for thoughtful

The adjective pensive means “dreamily or wistfully thoughtful.” Someone who is in a pensive mood may be given to contemplation or reflection. While thoughtfulness is central to the meaning of pensive, the word itself suggests more feeling than the adjective thoughtful—and it is not used to convey consideration for others in the same way that thoughtful sometimes is. The attention of someone who is pensive is directed inward rather than outward.

Commonly found as

pensive mood
The difficult conversations he’d had earlier in the day put him in a pensive mood.
look pensive
She looked pensive as she leafed through the photo album, reflecting on quality time spent with her family.

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Friday, November 13, 2020


ambiguous is a synonym of unclear

adjective [ am-big-yoo-uhs ]

ambiguous is another word for unclear

Something that is unclear is not clear or definite. Another way to describe something unclear is to call it ambiguous; however, true to form, the meaning of ambiguous is not entirely straightforward! Ambiguous sometimes means obscure or indistinct, as in the case of a shape off in the distance, the outline of which is hard to discern. But when describing a statement, act, or attitude—or even a situation or relationship—ambiguous suggests a lack of clarity due to several meanings or possible interpretations.

Commonly found as

morally ambiguous
The movie was driven by morally ambiguous characters who never failed to surprise with the questionable decisions they made.
vague and ambiguous
The headline was vague and ambiguous, suggesting perhaps that something terrible was about to happen, depending how you read it.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar
Synonym of the Day Calendar