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Thursday, November 12, 2020


inundate is a synonym of overwhelm

verb [ in-uhn-deyt, -uhn-, in-uhn-deyt ]

inundate is another word for overwhelm

To be overwhelmed by something is to be overcome by it completely in mind or feeling. A person might be overwhelmed with emotion on a momentous day. The verb inundate, while defined as “to overwhelm,” is used slightly differently. The primary meaning of inundate is “to flood” or “to cover or overspread with water.” Even when inundate is used in a context firmly planted on dry ground, the suggestion of a deluge, at least a figurative one as represented by great numbers of something, remains. For instance, if a columnist is inundated with letters from angry readers, he or she is swimming in negative feedback.

Commonly found as

inundate with
After the reporter went on the radio to ask for tips for a story, he was inundated with calls.
constantly inundated
In the weeks leading up to the election, the voter felt like she was constantly inundated with political emails and advertisements.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020


esteem is a synonym of respect

noun [ ih-steem ]

esteem is another word for respect

Respect is a sense of the worth or excellence of a person or of a personal quality. Esteem refers to a favorable opinion or judgment, as of a person. Whereas respect can suggest courtesy out of a sense of duty or propriety, the slightly warmer esteem usually implies deference rooted in admiration or tinged with affection. While you’re likely to hear the noun respect used with the verb have, as in “I have great respect for him,” esteem is more likely to be held: “I hold her in high esteem.”

Commonly found as

hold in high esteem
After a successful negotiation, the diplomats held the new prime minister in high esteem.
gain the esteem
Acutely aware of her newcomer status, she did everything she could to gain the esteem of the locals.

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Synonym of the day

Tuesday, November 10, 2020


concise is a synonym of brief

adjective [ kuhn-sahys ]

concise is another word for brief

Something that is concise, as a summary or even a definition, covers much in few words. This term suggests great efficiency of expression. A brief statement is short, but might lack key information. A concise statement ticks both boxes: it’s short and comprehensive, covering essential information in a focused and effective manner. Of course, accomplishing both is no small task, which explains why we find concise next to such glowing adverbs as admirably, wonderfully, and impressively.

Commonly found as

clear and concise
The editor's comments were always clear and concise, which helped the writers improve their articles significantly.
concise summary
The journalist offered a concise summary of the debacle on Twitter.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar