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Monday, November 09, 2020


vociferous is a synonym of loud

adjective [ voh-sif-er-uhs ]

vociferous is another word for loud

When someone is described as vociferous, it means they are forcefully outspoken or vehemently insistent on something. This adjective is not used to describe sounds in the same way loud is—you probably won't hear vociferous used to describe a blaring quartet of trombones. But you might hear it used to describe a boisterous and noisy crowd, with vociferous in this context suggesting discord or clamor.

Commonly found as

vociferous critic
Much to the author's chagrin, the book reviewer with the largest following was also his most vociferous critic.
increasingly vociferous
The shareholders' calls for new management were becoming increasingly vociferous.

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Sunday, November 08, 2020


abide is a synonym of tolerate

verb [ uh-bahyd ]

abide is another word for tolerate

Abide has many meanings; it comes closest to the word tolerate when used to mean “to put up with,” a sense that most often appears in negative constructions. For instance, you might not be able or willing to abide, or put up with, dishonesty. (Wise!) Abide often appears before by, as in “She refused to abide by their rules.” Here, abide takes on a slightly different meaning of “to submit to” or “to agree to.”

Commonly found as

could not abide
She took a public stand against the controversial practices, stating that she could not abide such cruelty.
abide the thought
He simply could not abide the thought of his pets scared and alone during the storm, so he rushed home.

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Saturday, November 07, 2020


anecdote is a synonym of story

noun [ an-ik-doht ]

anecdote is another word for story

An anecdote is a short account of a particular incident or event, especially of an interesting or amusing nature. Anecdotes are usually narrated or shared orally rather than written; sometimes they are offered to lend support to an idea or conclusion based on real-world experience. Unlike the word story, anecdote is not used to talk about the plot of a novel, poem, or drama.

Commonly found as

personal anecdote
The professor always interspersed her lectures with a personal anecdote or two to keep her students' attention.
share + anecdote
Before singing his most popular song, the country star shared an anecdote about how the idea for it came to him.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar