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Sunday, November 22, 2020


invigorate is a synonym of energize

verb [ in-vig-uh-reyt ]

invigorate is another word for energize

The verb invigorate is bursting with life! It means “to give vigor to” or “to fill with life and energy.” This animated term is similar to energize, but invigorate, drawing on vigor “vitality,” emphasizes healthy physical or mental energy or power. A brisk walk in mountain air will invigorate your senses; a fascinating conversation will invigorate your mind; and, applied a little more broadly, actions taken by a governing body, such as a city government, might invigorate a local economy.

Commonly found as

inspire and invigorate
The incredible stories shared by her neighbors inspired and invigorated her.
invigorate + economy
The senators were convinced that the legislation, if passed, would invigorate the economy.

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Saturday, November 21, 2020


embroil is a synonym of involve

verb [ em-broil ]

embroil is another word for involve

The verb embroil is used to talk about involvements or entanglements of a particularly contentious or messy nature. If a person is embroiled in controversy, they are at the center of a bitter dispute or are deeply involved in a complex situation marked by discord and hostility. The more general verb involve is often used to talk about participation in something embarrassing or troublesome, but it does not convey the same degree of complication or strife.

Commonly found as

embroil in controversy
The company was embroiled in controversy after its CEO refused to denounce sexist remarks that were leaked to the press.
currently embroiled
The musician is currently embroiled in a legal battle with her record label over who owns the rights to her songs.

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Friday, November 20, 2020


pernicious is a synonym of harmful

adjective [ per-nish-uhs ]

pernicious is another word for harmful

Something that is harmful causes or is capable of causing harm (no surprises there!). Something that is pernicious causes insidious harm or even ruin. This sneaky adjective describes things that are both highly destructive and not easy to detect—often because they develop or spread gradually or under the radar. The influence of a person or entity might be described as pernicious if it puts people or things in peril. Similarly, a pernicious myth is one that impairs understanding to the point of causing harm.

Commonly found as

pernicious effect
The study made visible the pernicious effects of discrimination in the workplace.
particularly pernicious
The leader's glib remarks about human rights were particularly pernicious; they signaled that such matters were not to be taken seriously.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar