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Saturday, April 17, 2021


scrawl is a synonym of write

verb [ skrawl ]

scrawl is another word for write

There are many ways to write. You can do so meticulously with elegant, precise penmanship, or you can scrawl—which is pretty much the opposite. The verb scrawl is defined as “to write awkwardly, carelessly, or illegibly.” If you hastily scrawl your name across a blackboard, you are writing it in a sprawling, awkward manner. The origin of this word is uncertain, but it may have been influenced by an earlier use of scrawl to mean “to scramble or crawl.” The hurried disorderliness inherent in scramble, which shares the first three letters with scrawl, is indeed what sets scrawl apart from other more measured synonyms for write, such as draft, compose, and pen.

Commonly found as

scrawl note(s)
Her father had scrawled notes in the margins of his guidebooks in hopes that she would later read them and visit the places he had enjoyed so much. 
hastily scrawl
The anonymous informant hastily scrawled his message on the back of a napkin, and slipped it into the pocket of the detective.

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Friday, April 16, 2021


moniker is a synonym of nickname

noun [ mon-i-ker ]

moniker is another word for nickname

A nickname is a name added to or substituted for the proper name of a person or place—it may be given out of affection, ridicule, or familiarity: She was such a fast runner, her friends on the playground gave her the nickname Flash. Nicknames can also be familiar (usually shortened) forms of a proper name, as Jim for James or Peg for Margaret. A moniker is a name, especially a nickname or alias. Unlike a nickname, a moniker is sometimes self-selected for a particular purpose: The lounge singer chose to perform under the moniker Lizard Lou; he felt his real name, Steven, didn’t fit the persona. Moniker is sometimes spelled monicker, but the former is far more prevalent and far less likely to raise the eyebrow (or ire) of a proofreader.

Commonly found as

under the moniker
The insomniac musician from Washington released an album under the moniker Sleepless in Seattle.
catchy moniker
Having just purchased beautiful new skates, she was one step closer to roller-derby fame; now all she needed was a catchy moniker like Skate Winslet.

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Thursday, April 15, 2021


adage is a synonym of saying

noun [ ad-ij ]

adage is another word for saying

If you’ve ever said the phrase “as the old saying goes,” then you already know what an adage is—even if you’ve never called it that. An adage is a traditional saying expressing a common experience or observation. “A picture is worth a thousand words” and “the early bird catches the worm” are examples of adages. Adage is a more general term than proverb or maxim, which also refer to popular sayings that pithily capture some truth or profundity. Adage frequently occurs with the descriptor old, “the old adage,” which, unlike the noun saying, is implied by the word itself. A newly minted expression—brilliant though it may be—would not be called an adage because it has not yet stood the test of time.

Commonly found as

old adage
When the high schooler was applying to colleges, his dad trotted out an old adage about eggs and not putting them all in one basket.
adage + true
She took one look at her old friends talking and nodding and knew that the adage “birds of a feather flock together” had proven true

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Synonym of the Day Calendar