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Sunday, September 20, 2020


preposterous is a synonym of ridiculous

adjective [ pri-pos-ter-uhs, -truhs ]

preposterous is another word for ridiculous

The adjectives ridiculous and preposterous both describe things that are inconsistent with reason or common sense. True to its root, however, ridiculous implies ridicule or contempt. Preposterous emphasizes foolishness and suggests a topsy-turvy, inverted, or disorderly quality. A preposterous notion or idea, for instance, is so jumbled in its reasoning or so contrary to expected order that it is downright disorienting.

Commonly found as

preposterous notion
He floated the preposterous notion that the dog ate not only his homework, but his entire desk.
utterly preposterous
The idea of vacationing on the moon struck her as utterly preposterous.

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Saturday, September 19, 2020


augment is a synonym of enhance

verb [ awg-ment ]

augment is another word for enhance

To enhance something is to add to its desirability or to magnify it. To augment something is to make it larger or to increase it. A person might augment or supplement their income by taking a second job; a teacher might augment course curriculum with unique educational experiences. Augment is often used to talk about additions that are made to meet needs, standards, or requirements.

Commonly found as

augment or replace
The team leaders had to decide whether to augment or replace the existing performance review system.
efforts to augment
Hoping to stay viable, the company supported many efforts to augment revenue by focusing on consumer satisfaction.

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Synonym of the day

Friday, September 18, 2020


intricate is a synonym of complex

adjective [ in-tri-kit ]

intricate is another word for complex

Something that is intricate has many interrelated parts or facets. Such involvement or entanglement can be the source of wonder or appreciation, as in the case of intricate patterns in nature or art, or frustration, as in the case of an argument that is so intricate it is difficult to understand. Networks, webs, and systems are interrelated by definition; in describing complex entities such as these, intricate draws special attention to their elaborate nature.

Commonly found as

beautiful and intricate
The beautiful and intricate weave on the Panama hat made it worth its weight in gold.
intricate details
The otherwise engaging presentation got bogged down in the intricate details of the new policy.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar