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Friday, September 18, 2020


intricate is a synonym of complex

adjective [ in-tri-kit ]

intricate is another word for complex

Something that is intricate has many interrelated parts or facets. Such involvement or entanglement can be the source of wonder or appreciation, as in the case of intricate patterns in nature or art, or frustration, as in the case of an argument that is so intricate it is difficult to understand. Networks, webs, and systems are interrelated by definition; in describing complex entities such as these, intricate draws special attention to their elaborate nature.

Commonly found as

beautiful and intricate
The beautiful and intricate weave on the Panama hat made it worth its weight in gold.
intricate details
The otherwise engaging presentation got bogged down in the intricate details of the new policy.

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Thursday, September 17, 2020


posthaste is a synonym of fast

adverb [ pohst-heyst ]

posthaste is another word for fast

Posthaste, also spelled post-haste, is an adverb that means “with the greatest possible speed or promptness.” It works in a sentence similar to immediately or ASAP. When the term entered English, it referred to speed like that of someone traveling post, or riding express to deliver mail. Nowadays you can use it to command speedy movement or action, “Leave the premise posthaste!” or to describe it, “She came to her friend’s aid posthaste.”

Commonly found as

verb + posthaste
Upon seeing the bear, the hikers returned to their campsite posthaste.
After the incident, the head of the network resigned posthaste. 

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Synonym of the day

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


humdrum is a synonym of boring

adjective [ huhm-druhm ]

humdrum is another word for boring

Something that is boring is dull and uninteresting—maybe even nap inducing. Something that is humdrum is especially boring for its lack of variety (unlike your synonym-rich vocabulary!). Fun though it may be to say, humdrum emphasizes monotony and the drone of the everyday. This dreary adjective commonly describes recurring activities or routines, or even the monotony of life itself.

Commonly found as

humdrum life
The writer’s seemingly humdrum life was, in reality, full of adventure.
escape + humdrum
The movie helped him escape his humdrum reality for a few hours.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar
Synonym of the Day Calendar