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Wednesday, September 16, 2020


humdrum is a synonym of boring

adjective [ huhm-druhm ]

humdrum is another word for boring

Something that is boring is dull and uninteresting—maybe even nap inducing. Something that is humdrum is especially boring for its lack of variety (unlike your synonym-rich vocabulary!). Fun though it may be to say, humdrum emphasizes monotony and the drone of the everyday. This dreary adjective commonly describes recurring activities or routines, or even the monotony of life itself.

Commonly found as

humdrum life
The writer’s seemingly humdrum life was, in reality, full of adventure.
escape + humdrum
The movie helped him escape his humdrum reality for a few hours.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020


helm is a synonym of lead

verb [ helm ]

helm is another word for lead

To helm something, such as a creative project or a place of business, is to steer or direct it. The suggestion is of one helming or steering a ship, an activity so named for the wheel or steering apparatus of a seagoing vessel—the helm. You may hear of someone helming a department or agency, a newsroom, or a kitchen in popular restaurant. But most often, helm is used in the entertainment industry in discussion of the director, who steers the production on a (hopefully not choppy) course.

Commonly found as

helm the film
Much to the fans' delight, the director chosen to helm the film has a background in live theater.
previously helmed
The chef came highly recommended; he had previously helmed the kitchen of the most critically acclaimed restaurant in the county.

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Monday, September 14, 2020


adverse is a synonym of negative

adjective [ ad-vurs, ad-vurs ]

adverse is another word for negative

The adjective adverse implies antagonism and opposition. It emphasizes the idea of misfortune and is often used to describe circumstances or events that are harmful to health and well-being. For instance, you might hear of adverse effects of pollution or adverse consequences of a decision. This decidedly unfriendly adjective is related to the noun adversity, “an unfortunate event or circumstance” or “unfavorable fortune or fate.”

Commonly found as

adverse impact
The agency warned against the project, citing an adverse impact on the environment.
potentially adverse
The lab technicians worked diligently to protect the samples from the potentially adverse effects of light and heat exposure.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar
Synonym of the Day Calendar