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Synonym of the day

Friday, June 25, 2021


panache is a synonym of flair

noun [ puh-nash, -nahsh ]

panache is another word for flair

Both flair and panache can be used to refer to a quality of distinctive stylishness that makes something interesting or attractive. It’s common to say that someone does something (dresses or cooks, for example) with flair or with panache, or even with flair and panache. And we’re often told what ingredient or item will add flair or panache (or both) to a room, an outfit, or a dish. These nouns are interchangeable to a point, but their differences should not be ignored, as often happens. Panache is a manner of doing something with flamboyant confidence, vigor, and energy, as well as style or skill. Panache also has a wider range of application than flair—someone can play a sport, direct films, or lead an organization with panache.

Commonly found as

add panache
An extravagant feather boa will add panache to your evening attire.
deliver with panache
The dashing young actor delivered his lines with such panache, the audience barely noticed how uninspired the writing was.

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Thursday, June 24, 2021


antiquated is a synonym of old-fashioned

adjective [ an-ti-kwey-tid ]

antiquated is another word for old-fashioned

Old-fashioned and antiquated both refer to something dating from the past. Old-fashioned usually applies to the appearance or manner of something, either disparaging it as being out of date (an old-fashioned hat) or approving it as being superior to the present day (good old-fashioned courtesy) or possessing charm (old-fashioned barber shop). Antiquated can be used to simply mean very old or from another age, as an antiquated building, but it most often connotes something too old to be useful, functional, or relevant, as antiquated systems and antiquated laws. Something antiquated is usually a problem because it doesn’t meet present-day needs. These days our devices are at risk of becoming antiquated technology in just a few years.

Commonly found as

antiquated system(s)
The antiquated system used to control the movement of the city’s subway trains was not designed to handle anywhere near this number of passengers.
antiquated law(s)
Many cities and states have some absurdly antiquated laws that are still on the books but never enforced.

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Synonym of the day

Wednesday, June 23, 2021


gargantuan is a synonym of huge

adjective [ gahr-gan-choo-uhn ]

gargantuan is another word for huge

Huge means extraordinarily large in bulk, quantity, or extent (a huge ship, a huge portion of ice cream). It's also used to describe things that are without limit (the huge genius of Mozart) and things that are very important or popular (the show was huge in Britain). When we describe something as gargantuan, we mean it’s of an extraordinary or astonishing size, dwarfing other things of its kind (a gargantuan whale, a gargantuan serving of pie). The adjective comes from Gargantua, a grotesque giant with an enormous appetite in the works of Rabelais. It’s frequently used with size and other similar nouns (consuming a gargantuan amount of energy, grown to gargantuan proportions). Like huge, gargantuan can also be used to talk about the seriousness or extent of non-material things, particularly problems: a gargantuan task or undertaking requires a gargantuan effort, which is no big deal for a giant, but for the rest of us seems almost impossible.

Commonly found as

gargantuan task
Hercules attained his heroic status by completing one gargantuan task after another—not least, the cleaning of the Augean stables, which housed 3000 oxen and had not been cleaned for 30 years.
gargantuan proportions
The farmer’s obsessive care for his pumpkin patch paid off when one pumpkin grew to gargantuan proportions.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar