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Sunday, June 20, 2021


guidance is a synonym of advice

noun [ gahyd-ns ]

guidance is another word for advice

Advice and guidance are both helpful nouns, whether you are asking or not. Advice is an opinion or recommendation, usually a practical one, offered as a guide to action or conduct: I shall act on your advice. Guidance is a little more broad; when someone offers guidance, they are providing direction or showing the way. This term is less about personal opinions or recommendations, and more about the sharing of knowledge or wisdom in order to keep one on course—or help them successfully navigate challenges. After all, guidance comes from the verb guide, “to lead the way.” It makes sense, then, that those who are sought out for their guidance are perceived to know the path.

Commonly found as

provide guidance
As the dean, Amiti made sure she provided guidance to students, staff, and faculty on how to safely return to campus and in-person learning in the coming year.
guidance + support
With the guidance and support of their father, the twin siblings felt confident that they could successfully navigate the treacherous waters of high school.

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Saturday, June 19, 2021


congregate is a synonym of gather

verb [ kong-gri-geyt ]

congregate is another word for gather

The verbs gather and congregate are birds of a feather. Both terms deal with bringing or coming together. But gather, the more common of the two, is more often used to talk about bringing people or things into one group or place: after they got the tent set up, he went to gather firewood. Congregate is used to talk about people or animals coming together or assembling in large numbers: People waiting for rooms congregated in the hotel lobby. The difference between bringing and coming is key, since the former indicates a transitive verb and the latter indicates intransitive. The related noun congregation is mostly used in association with religious worship, but congregate has a broader range of application: you may hear of fish congregating near a reef or of people congregating in a park. Both terms come from a Latin verb meaning “to flock together.”

Commonly found as

congregate around
Perhaps because it was so hot, the party guests congregated around the pool—a few of them dangling their toes in the water.
thousands + congregate
Thousands of people congregated in the park to celebrate the holiday and enjoy good food.

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Friday, June 18, 2021


enterprise is a synonym of project

noun [ en-ter-prahyz ]

enterprise is another word for project

A project is an undertaking. The scope and difficulty of the undertaking varies: we all have a backlog of little projects around the house that we intend to tackle come the weekend, which seem trifling compared to public works projects that a city might undertake to upgrade infrastructure. An especially important or difficult project or one that requires a certain boldness or energy might be called an enterprise: The mayor added that keeping the peace is a difficult enterprise. This noun is also used to refer to the boldness or adventurous spirit with which such projects or activities are undertaken (the founders showed great enterprise in securing funding), and to companies or businesses themselves, complex commercial undertakings that they are (local enterprises made up a large share of the sector). 

Commonly found as

social enterprise
The social enterprise was focused primarily on creating economic opportunity in underserved communities.
run + enterprise
The city had an ambitious plan for reinvigorating the arts district downtown, but they had not found the right person to run the enterprise.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar
Synonym of the Day Calendar