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Tuesday, June 22, 2021


throng is a synonym of crowd

noun [ thrawng, throng ]

throng is another word for crowd

The nouns crowd and throng both refer to large numbers of people. Crowd suggests people close enough together to jostle each other and be at least slightly uncomfortable: I had to elbow my way through the crowd to get to the restrooms. Crowds gather and disperse, but are generally standing or, in a stadium, sitting. Throng, on the other hand, suggests a crowd that presses together or forward, often with some common aim: The throng pushed forward to see the cause of the excitement. You will convey movement or commotion as well as large numbers If you speak of a throng, rather than a crowd, of shoppers, reporters, fans, or pilgrims.

Commonly found as

throng of reporters
As the celebrity emerged from the courthouse, a throng of reporters surrounded him, competing desperately for a good sound bite.
throng of shoppers
Yes, I was one of the throng of Black Friday shoppers shown on the local news pushing their way into the big box store.

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Monday, June 21, 2021


sweltering is a synonym of hot

adjective [ swel-ter-ing ]

sweltering is another word for hot

Summer is upon us, for better or worse, bringing hot days and some sweltering days. By itself, hot is a fairly neutral term and when used of things, like hot coffee, refers to a measurable property belonging to the thing itself. In terms of weather, hot can be used to describe the physical feeling of great heat (I’m hot), or the conditions causing that feeling (a hot July day). Sweltering suggests a greater degree and particular quality of heat. Sweltering heat is oppressively hot and humid. Furthermore, whether it’s used of a thing (a sweltering day, sweltering temperatures) or a person (You must be sweltering in those jeans) it emphasizes the physical effects on us of such heat—the sweatiness, faintness, and suffocating heaviness. The now obsolete verb swelt meant originally “to perish.”

Commonly found as

sweltering heat
We walked only a block in the sweltering heat before escaping into an air-conditioned cafe.
sweltering summer
If you can tolerate the sweltering summers in Florida, it’s a great place to retire.

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Sunday, June 20, 2021


guidance is a synonym of advice

noun [ gahyd-ns ]

guidance is another word for advice

Advice and guidance are both helpful nouns, whether you are asking or not. Advice is an opinion or recommendation, usually a practical one, offered as a guide to action or conduct: I shall act on your advice. Guidance is a little more broad; when someone offers guidance, they are providing direction or showing the way. This term is less about personal opinions or recommendations, and more about the sharing of knowledge or wisdom in order to keep one on course—or help them successfully navigate challenges. After all, guidance comes from the verb guide, “to lead the way.” It makes sense, then, that those who are sought out for their guidance are perceived to know the path.

Commonly found as

provide guidance
As the dean, Amiti made sure she provided guidance to students, staff, and faculty on how to safely return to campus and in-person learning in the coming year.
guidance + support
With the guidance and support of their father, the twin siblings felt confident that they could successfully navigate the treacherous waters of high school.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar