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Friday, December 04, 2020


incessant is a synonym of nonstop

adjective [ in-ses-uhnt ]

incessant is another word for nonstop

Something that is incessant continues without interruption—and is more often than not a source of irritation! Incessant chatter near your workstation might disrupt your concentration; incessant whining in any circumstance might deplete your patience; and incessant demands, as from a boss or from any other source, might make you feel exhausted or taken for granted (or both!). When not used to describe undesirable situations such as these, you may find incessant used in a more neutral sense to describe continuous and unrelenting rainfall, or other weather events that carry on seemingly to no end.

Commonly found as

incessant demands
The coach's incessant demands were becoming too much for the star player to take.
loud and incessant
She knew she wasn't going to get any work done amid the loud and incessant barking from the dog next door.

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Thursday, December 03, 2020


hackneyed is a synonym of stale

adjective [ hak-need ]

hackneyed is another word for stale

Something that is stale has lost freshness, such as a stale slice of bread, or has lost novelty or interest, such as a stale joke. That crusty old joke may also be described as hackneyed. Something that is hackneyed is commonplace or trite and worn out by overuse. This term is especially used of words, remarks, or styles of expression that are clichéd to the point of seeming lifeless and uninteresting. So synonym seekers beware: while it may be tempting to slather this adjective on a piece of stale bread, hackneyed simply doesn't make sense as a descriptor for brittle day-old baked goods!

Commonly found as

hackneyed phrase
In response to the reporter's earnest and important question, the lawyer muttered a hackneyed phrase: "It is what it is."
tired + hackneyed
Everyone saw her derogatory remarks about young people for what they were: tired and hackneyed stereotypes.

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Wednesday, December 02, 2020


allay is a synonym of soothe

verb [ uh-ley ]

allay is another word for soothe

To allay something is to put it to rest or to quiet it. This sense of the word is mostly used to talk about laying to rest fear, doubt, suspicion, or anger, possibly by making the emotion seem unjustified. Allay is also used to talk about lessening or mitigating something, such as pain. Soothe is similar (an ointment can soothe sunburned skin, for instance). But a key difference is that soothe is sometimes used to talk about people (rather than their concerns or fears)—and in these cases, it may suggest tranquility and even comfort. A person might be soothed or comforted by a warm cup of tea, for instance, but not allayed.

Commonly found as

allay fears
The representative's grandiose speech did little to allay the fears of many constituents who were already facing financial ruin.
seek to allay
The CEO sought to allay concerns that he didn't take the matter of data security seriously.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar