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Friday, November 27, 2020


gadget is a synonym of device

noun [ gaj-it ]

gadget is another word for device

The noun device often refers to a smartphone or tablet, but if you're looking for more general term for brilliant doohickey or contraption, gadget is an excellent option. A gadget, properly defined, is a mechanical contrivance or device. It is the slightly more dignified cousin of such catchall terms as thingamajig, whatsit, and gizmo. Typically, the noun gadget implies some ingenuity and possible complexity. One might call something a gadget when one does not quite understand how it works but appreciates its utility.

Commonly found as

electronic gadgets
All the major tech companies come out with new electronic gadgets right around the winter holiday season.
gizmos + gadgets
He spent several hours in the garage playing with all his new gizmos and gadgets.

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Thursday, November 26, 2020


gratitude is a synonym of thanks

noun [ grat-i-tood, -tyood ]

gratitude is another word for thanks

To give thanks is to express appreciation for something—in other words, to express gratitude. But the noun gratitude goes a little deeper. Gratitude is defined as the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful. The key difference is one of feeling versus expressing. Gratitude implies a warm or deep appreciation of personal kindness (a feeling). Grateful and thankful are, of course, both wonderful things to be, and fortunately they are not mutually exclusive. Go ahead, give thanks loudly as an expression of your deep gratitude—there's ample room at the table for both!

Commonly found as

gratitude and appreciation
The boss expressed her gratitude and appreciation for each staff member.
sincere gratitude
The family showed their sincere gratitude for everyone's support by writing them personal letters.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020


gormandize is a synonym of eat

verb [ verb gawr-muhn-dahyz ]

gormandize is another word for eat

The verb eat, though tremendously useful, says very little about the manner in which one partakes in a meal. Slowly? Quickly? With gusto? That’s where big, flavorful verbs like gormandize come in handy: to gormandize is to eat greedily or ravenously. Gormandize comes from the noun of the same spelling, which originally skewed negative to refer to excessive eating, but in the 1800s picked up a degree of refinement, suggesting unrestrained enjoyment of fine foods, wines, and the like. When not gobbling up food, gormandize may be found devouring books, knowledge, or gossip.

Commonly found as

gourmandize (without object)
He did not just eat; he gormandized, leaving not a crumb behind.
gourmandize (with object)
Having waiting 5 years for its much-hyped release, she absolutely gormandized the new book.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar