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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

synonym for impulsive


adjective [ im-pech-oo-uhs ]

impetuous is another word for impulsive

If you look up the adjectives impulsive and impetuous in a dictionary, you might feel like you’re in a hall of mirrors: impulsive is defined as “impetuous” and vice versa. While the two terms are very close in meaning, there are undertones that set them apart. Both refer to persons who are hasty or rash, or actions that are not preceded by thought, but impulsive emphasizes spontaneity or unpredictability and a lack of reflection; impetuous suggests passion or eagerness as the driving force behind abrupt actions or turbulent behavior.

Commonly found as

young + impetuous
In retrospect, he wished he would have heeded the advice he had been offered all those years ago. But he was young and impetuous and needed to figure things out on his own.
impetuous nature
The reporter was known for her impetuous nature, which sometimes worked to her advantage in breaking a story, but often deterred sources from reaching out.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2021

synonym for trick


noun [ rooz ]

ruse is another word for trick

Trick is a very broad term that can refer to everything from an underhanded act designed to cheat someone (a politician’s dirty tricks) to an optical illusion or a prank. Ruse has a narrower application, and is usually used in reference to a false impression or show put forth to hide true intentions or divert attention from shrewd maneuvers. The theme of misdirection or throwing someone off track in order to get away with something reflects the earliest sense of the word: ruse entered English as a hunting term referring to a turn or route taken by an animal in order to dodge its would-be captors.

Commonly found as

elaborate ruse
His fake name and bogus work history were part of an elaborate ruse to gain access to privileged information.
fall for the ruse
She spotted the suspicious email right away and did not fall for the ruse.

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Monday, February 08, 2021

synonym for annoy


verb [ veks ]

vex is another word for annoy

To annoy is to disturb or bother a person in a way that displeases, troubles, or slightly irritates them. This verb is usually used in discussion of minor offenses, such as noises that repeatedly interrupt one’s focus or behavior that tries one’s patience. Vex is a more pointed term, suggesting a greater degree of irritation or frustration and sometimes even distress or worry. This versatile verb is also used to talk about problems or questions that, in their complexity or difficulty, confound or perplex.

Commonly found as

vex me
The town did not have street signs, which, as a tourist trying to find my way around, vexed me to no end.
continue to vex
The problem continues to vex scientists around the world.

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