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Monday, February 08, 2021

synonym for annoy


verb [ veks ]

vex is another word for annoy

To annoy is to disturb or bother a person in a way that displeases, troubles, or slightly irritates them. This verb is usually used in discussion of minor offenses, such as noises that repeatedly interrupt one’s focus or behavior that tries one’s patience. Vex is a more pointed term, suggesting a greater degree of irritation or frustration and sometimes even distress or worry. This versatile verb is also used to talk about problems or questions that, in their complexity or difficulty, confound or perplex.

Commonly found as

vex me
The town did not have street signs, which, as a tourist trying to find my way around, vexed me to no end.
continue to vex
The problem continues to vex scientists around the world.

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Sunday, February 07, 2021

synonym for win


verb [ pri-veyl ]

prevail is another word for win

The verbs win and prevail both deal with claiming victory, but in different arenas. Win is more likely to be found in a literal arena, as in the case of a sporting event where one team will overcome an adversary to win a game (go, team!). Prevail is commonly found in discussions of struggles or battles where the winner is not a team, but an idea such as morality, justice, or truth. It’s also used in the common expression cooler heads prevail, which is used (usually in a hopeful or relieved manner) to mean that more calm, rational voices will or did win out over fiery, irrational ones.

Commonly found as

justice + prevail
There had been many setbacks on the case, but the attorney was undaunted; she believed all along that justice would prevail.
prevail over
The diplomat went into the negotiations hoping that trust and collaboration would prevail over fear and greed.

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Saturday, February 06, 2021

synonym for rowdy


adjective [ ram-buhngk-shuhs ]

rambunctious is another word for rowdy

The adjective rowdy describes things that are disorderly and noisy or disruptive, often groups of people gathered together for an event (a rowdy crowd at a game) or the gathering itself (a rowdy celebration). It can suggest roughness or boisterous fun, depending on the context. The adjective rambunctious conveys a similar active noisiness, but it skews younger, more commonly describing children or even young pets that are wildly boisterous and, thus, difficult to handle. But whatever difficulty this adjective suggests is usually couched in affection for the unrestrained energy of youth.

Commonly found as

rambunctious toddler
The parents were straining to keep up with their rambunctious toddler, who seemed to find something new to break every three seconds.
energetic and rambunctious
The puppies were especially energetic and rambunctious in the morning, exactly the opposite of their owner who preferred to sleep in.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar