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Tuesday, February 02, 2021

synonym for predict


verb [ prog-nos-ti-keyt ]

prognosticate is another word for predict

To predict something is to tell in advance what will happen. This verb often (but not always) implies calculation, knowledge, or shrewd inference from facts or experience, as in the case of astronomers who predict an eclipse. The verb prognosticate deals primarily in signs and omens. A thing, such as the presence or absence of a certain groundhog’s shadow, can prognosticate, or presage, something (the estimated time of arrival for spring). Similarly, a person can prognosticate, or foretell, a future event from present indications or signs. The related word prognosis is used in medicine to talk about the probable course and outcome of a disease, especially of the chances of recovery.

Commonly found as

prognosticate the future
The TV pundits used the closing segment of their show to prognosticate the future of artificial intelligence—and the picture they painted resembled dystopian storylines from Hollywood.
try to prognosticate
The sports announcers tried to prognosticate the outcome of the championship, but it was impossible since both teams had played so well all season.

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Monday, February 01, 2021

synonym for inspire


verb [ hahr-tn ]

hearten is another word for inspire

To inspire someone is to fill that person with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence. A leader’s courage might inspire her followers. The verb hearten means “to give courage of confidence to” or “to cheer.” This verb draws on the notion of the heart as the seat of courage, spirit, or enthusiasm, an idea that is reflected in expressions such as take heart, put your heart into it, and be all heart, as in the case of someone who is admirably undaunted and energetic in an endeavor (she's all heart!).

Commonly found as

hearten + supporters
The latest poll numbers heartened supporters who had been worried their candidate was losing ground.
heartened by the fact
The future of the museum was uncertain, but staff members were heartened by the fact that the mayor had set up a task force to revitalize the arts district.

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Sunday, January 31, 2021

synonym for discouraged


adjective [ krest-faw-luhn ]

crestfallen is another word for discouraged

To feel discouraged is to feel deprived of courage, hope, or confidence as a result of something; a disapproving comment by someone who you were hoping to impress might leave you feeling discouraged. The adjective crestfallen describes a similarly low state, though with an old-fashioned and literary ring. Crestfallen means “dejected” or “dispirited.” This term often occurs in descriptions of appearance, as in a crestfallen look or a crestfallen expression, which makes sense since the term is thought to allude to the drooping crests of defeated animals. (A crest here being either a tuft or other natural growth on the top of the head of an animal, as the comb of a rooster, or, perhaps the ridge of the neck of a horse.)

Commonly found as

look crestfallen
The children looked crestfallen when they heard the news that there would be no snow day.
crestfallen + heartbroken
Young Romeo wandered the streets utterly crestfallen and heartbroken upon learning the last name of his new crush.

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