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genuine is a synonym of real

adjective [ jen-yoo-in ]

genuine is another word for real

Real is the best word to describe innate or actual characteristics of something, as opposed to fake, falsified, or fictional characteristics (real life; real problems).

Genuine refers to something that has the characteristics it is claimed to have (a genuine Van Gogh painting).

Real is the most general of the two words. Real describes something actual (It’s weird that we have real robots in our homes). Genuine often implies the existence of fake, knock-off, or imitation versions of the thing described (a genuine diamond ring).

✅ A real person refers to a person who actually exists, as opposed to a fictional person, but can also refer to someone who is honest and true. A genuine person only refers to a sincere person, as opposed to a hypocritical person (usually described as false or fake).

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moment is a synonym of minute

noun [ moh-muhnt ]

moment is another word for minute

Minute technically refers to a period of sixty seconds, but can be used to refer to a longer or shorter length of time (Steep the coffee for one minute; It’ll take me a minute to do my hair).

Moment emphasizes speed and shortness of time, and is generally considered shorter than a minute (Wait just a moment!).

✅ Saying you’ll do something in a minute or moment generally implies that it will be the next thing you do, or that you won’t start doing something else in the interim. But both are also used to refer to lengths of time longer than their strict definition (I’ll start class in a moment; I’ll go to the store in a minute).

✅ A hot minute can refer to either a short time or a really long time, and recently, the phrase it’s been a minute has become an informal way to say that it’s been a while since something has happened (Great to see you–it’s been a minute!).

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recompense is a synonym of reward

noun [ rek-uhm-pens ]

recompense is another word for reward

Reward refers to something given in return for something done or achieved (a reward for good behavior).

Recompense refers to something given or done in return for a service rendered (I bought my friends dinner in recompense for making them help me move into my new house).

Reward and recompense both both can used for something negative—though the use of reward in this case would be ironic since it is usually positive (Getting bitten was my reward for rescuing the bird).

Recompense can also be used to refer to something given in compensation for a loss or injury. In general, recompense emphasizes the idea of repaying someone for their efforts (His only recompense for the broken coffee machine was the fact that his coworkers were now as irritable as he was).

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