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Wednesday, December 09, 2020


fret is a synonym of worry

verb [ fret ]

fret is another word for worry

To fret over something is to feel or express worry, annoyance, or annoyance about it. The earliest senses of this term in English had to do with devouring or consuming in the literal sense—as in moths fretting your favorite sweater (heaven forbid!). The verb has of course evolved since then, with the theme of consuming taking a turn: rather than expressing the act of consuming, fret now conveys being consumed or eaten by something. Interestingly, the critters who would do the fretting were usually small (like moths), which perhaps explains why the current sense of fret suggests incremental or gradual gnawing away at one’s peace of mind.

Commonly found as

fret about
The meteoric rise of streaming services caused traditional media outlets to fret about their future.
don't fret
His partner had just requested a pay raise, which took a lot of courage. Immediately after, he told her, "Don't fret about the outcome. Either they'll give it to you or they won't."

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Tuesday, December 08, 2020


quintessential is a synonym of typical

adjective [ kwin-tuh-sen-shuhl ]

quintessential is another word for typical

Something that is typical is characteristic or distinctive of a certain type or specimen. Something that is quintessential is not only characteristic or distinctive of a type, but goes a step further to capture the pure and essential essence of it—or to embody it perfectly. Quintessential is used to talk about people or things that are exactly as one might imagine or hope for them to be, based on widely circulated and understood ideas or ideals.

Commonly found as

quintessential example
With all of its towering skyscrapers and speedy, efficient transportation, Tokyo is the quintessential example of a modern city.
quintessential symbol
The writer chose an image of cotton candy for her book cover because she considered it a quintessential symbol of childhood.

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Monday, December 07, 2020


safeguard is a synonym of protect

verb [ seyf-gahrd ]

safeguard is another word for protect

To safeguard something is to guard, protect, or secure it. Often this term suggests taking forceful measures to ensure something does or does not happen. As a result, the term conveys a degree of assurance that the safety of something is guaranteed. Safeguard is more likely to be used of ideas or concepts—immaterial things—than it is of property or physical objects. For instance, you’re more likely to hear of a leader or governing body taking measures to safeguard the rights of a specific group than to safeguard a wetland, the latter being better suited for use with the verb protect.

Commonly found as

safeguard the rights
The committee voted on a new resolution in order to safeguard the rights of all the employees, regardless of the number of years they had been working.
safeguard against
Although it is annoying to have to change passwords constantly, the extra security measures help to safeguard against identity theft.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar