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feasible is a synonym of possible

adjective [ fee-zuh-buhl ]

feasible is another word for possible

Possible refers to something that could happen (It’s possible that today will be sunny).

Feasible refers to something which could easily happen, and is a desirable thing to happen (The plan was feasible).

✅ Although possible and feasible both refer to things that could happen, something feasible is more likely than something possible (It’s feasible that he’ll want to get pizza tonight; It’s possible that he’ll see a ghost but it’s also possible that he won’t).

Possible suggests something that could theoretically happen. Feasible suggests something that is quite likely to happen, or has a high chance of success.

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detriment is a synonym of damage

noun [ de-truh-muhnt ]

detriment is another word for damage

Damage refers to some kind of injury or harm that impacts the appearance or function of something (The bad weather caused damage to the roof).

Detriment refers to something that causes the condition of a thing to deteriorate, or causes the thing to lose value (Stress will be a detriment to your health).

Damage and detriment both refer to some kind of negative change in the condition of a thing. Damage suggests harm or injury caused in a single event (The betrayal caused lasting damage).

Detriment can refer to a single event or refer to something that will cause ongoing and worsening harm over time (Lack of communication was a detriment to their relationship).

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intimate is a synonym of familiar

adjective [ in-tuh-mit ]

intimate is another word for familiar

Familiar is the best word to describe something or someone you know well and are close to (It’s nice to see a familiar face).

Intimate is the best word to describe a close relationship, based on affection, sympathy, or common interests (They quickly became intimate friends).

Intimate suggests affection in a relationship, either platonic or romantic, and a strong emotional sympathy and connection. Familiar suggests a slightly less emotionally connected relationship, implying closeness without necessarily suggesting a high degree of affection (Intimate letters; We were familiar for a while).

Familiar is also commonly used to refer to someone who is presumptuous, and acts in a more intimate way than they should (She was very familiar with me).

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