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Friday, September 10, 2021


credulous is a synonym of trusting

adjective [ krej-uh-luhs ]

credulous is another word for trusting

Both adjectives describe someone who assumes others are honest and reliable or believes what they hear unquestioningly. Trusting connotes an innocent or naive belief that people, even strangers, have good motives and one’s best interests at heart. A trusting person is endearing, but someone who is too trusting or blindly trusting is foolish and vulnerable. Being credulous is less forgivable. It suggests an unthinking, foolish, or disingenuous tendency to believe things when there is no evidence at all that the things are true (credulous public, credulous readers, credulous supporters). When the media is said to be credulous, as it frequently is, it is being criticized for abdicating the professional responsibility to be objective and factual.

Commonly found as

too credulous
Having been too credulous of the salesperson’s claims, he found himself saddled with a useless vacuum cleaner and a big hole in his wallet.
credulous media
Stories reported by the credulous media in the competition for readership have contributed to the spread of misinformation.

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Thursday, September 09, 2021


predisposition is a synonym of tendency

noun [ pree-dis-puh-zish-uhn ]

predisposition is another word for tendency

Both words refer to an inherent characteristic that makes a person likely to act in a certain way. When we say someone has a tendency, such as a tendency to overeat, or the media’s tendency to sensationalize, we mean that they have a distinct inclination to engage in or be drawn to these behaviors (which are usually weaknesses or flaws). Someone who has a predisposition has been rigged, so to speak, to develop a tendency or condition, which may or may not materialize. Typically a predisposition is characterized as innate, underlying, or, more concretely, genetic, hereditary, or biological (a genetic predisposition to diabetes). However, environmental and social factors could also make a person more likely to adopt certain behaviors (a psychological predisposition to violent behavior). When we have an ideological predisposition, ingrained ideas steer us toward certain opinions, beliefs, and values.

Commonly found as

genetic predisposition
This breed of dog is said to have a genetic predisposition towards aggression, but Wesley is always playful and affectionate in his interactions with people.
strong predisposition
Growing up in a large family gave him a strong predisposition to cooperation and collaboration.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2021


acquiesce is a synonym of consent

verb [ ak-wee-es ]

acquiesce is another word for consent

Both consent and acquiesce refer to agreeing to or permitting something requested, demanded, or required. A person who consents freely gives a verbal or written agreement necessary to permit something (consented to be hypnotized). To consent to something is often a formal act or legal requirement. Acquiesce suggests a passive, unspoken, sometimes coerced agreement to do or permit something. Someone who acquiesces complies, goes along with, or gives in to what someone else wants: The prime minister acquiesced to the taxpayers’ demands). Some adverbs frequently found accompanying acquiesce are finally, meekly, and grudgingly.

Commonly found as

acquiesce to demands
Dad will put up some resistance at first, but if we are persistent enough, he will acquiesce to our demands to go get ice cream.
refuse to acquiesce
Disregarding the advice of the police, the couple refused to acquiesce to the kidnapper’s request for a ransom of 50,000 dollars.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar