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Wednesday, September 01, 2021


arbitrary is a synonym of random

adjective [ ahr-bi-trer-ee ]

arbitrary is another word for random

Both adjectives refer to things done or occurring without a definite aim, reason, or pattern. Random suggests something occurring by chance or accident (random thoughts, random acts of violence, a random assortment). A random event has as much chance of happening as any other thing like it. There is no more reason for something arbitrary than there is for something random, but arbitrary implies something done by whim or personal preference rather than according to some discernible logic or rationale (listed in an arbitrary order, an arbitrary decision, an arbitrary deadline). For this reason, arbitrary can suggest unreasonableness, irrationality, and even injustice. These connotations, however, come more from the other, earlier definitions of arbitrary, which refer to a decision made by an individual judge or arbiter rather than by following the law.

Commonly found as

arbitrary deadline(s)
The boss is clueless about how long things take or whether anyone will even want the products we work on, so he announces these arbitrary deadlines that no one pays any attention to.
arbitrary arrest(s)
Although it’s against international law, the government used arbitrary arrests and detention to discourage citizens from voicing their discontent.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2021


avid is a synonym of enthusiastic

adjective [ av-id ]

avid is another word for enthusiastic

Enthusiastic and avid both refer to having or showing an energetic interest in something or an eager willingness. Enthusiastic, the more common word, has a wider range of application than avid. It implies spirited interest, motivation, or approval, and often involves an outward demonstration of these states (an enthusiastic reaction). Avid suggests a sort of hungry eagerness and sustained or committed interest, usually in the pursuit of an activity, especially a hobby (an avid reader, an avid snowboarder, an avid fan). Avid describes a quality of the pursuit, as much as or more than the state or attitude of a person—we don’t say someone is avid about snowboarding. However, in a much less common sense of avid, people can be said to be avid for, that is, eagerly desirous of, something anticipated (readers avid for the author’s next book).

Commonly found as

avid reader
The author recalled being an avid reader of science fiction when she was young, waiting impatiently for new books to arrive and then devouring them.
avid amateur + noun
Few people know that the actor is an avid amateur astronomer, who gets more excited about spotting a star than being one.

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Monday, August 30, 2021


obstinate is a synonym of stubborn

adjective [ ob-stuh-nit ]

obstinate is another word for stubborn

Stubborn and obstinate imply resistance to advice, objection, pleading, or force. Both words are frequently found paired with refusal and resistance (obstinate resistance to change), and stubborn people can be as frustratingly unyielding as obstinate people. At the same time, the word stubborn might convey admirable qualities such as perseverance and determination, whereas obstinate can carry more negative connotations of a harmful rigidity, arrogance, or perversity. The obstinate are more likely to dig in their heels on the wrong side of an issue (obstinate refusal to admit his error). Typical adverbs used to characterize obstinate include incorrigibly and arrogantly.

Commonly found as

obstinate refusal
The top scientist was so sought after that the university put up with her obstinate refusal to sign a contract with a non-compete clause.
remain obstinate
Even after his heart attack, my uncle remained obstinate, continuing to work 16 hours a day and dine on fast food against the advice of his doctor.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar