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Tuesday, September 07, 2021


dominate is a synonym of control

verb [ dom-uh-neyt ]

dominate is another word for control

Both words refer to possessing or exercising power or will over something or someone. Control suggests the ability or power to determine what someone or something does: a thermostat controls the temperature; the majority political party controls the House; the gods control my destiny. Dominate suggests the possession or exercise of power, rule, or mastery over others. A wrestler who dominates her opponent repeatedly overpowers her and wins. Someone who dominates the conversation may talk over everyone or keep their topic or views foremost. In a male-dominated society, men have more power than women. A country may have the goal of extending its power and dominating a region outside its borders.

Commonly found as

dominate + conversation
Here comes that loudmouth who has to dominate every conversation—let’s take this up again tomorrow.
dominate the region
The country will continue to dominate the region unless a superpower intervenes and establishes a military presence in one of the neighboring countries.

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Monday, September 06, 2021


leisure is a synonym of ease

noun [ lee-zher, lezh-er ]

leisure is another word for ease

A luxurious choice today between ease and leisure—both are pleasant states of being free from physical or mental burdens and demands. Ease suggests physical comfort and relaxation, as well as freedom from labor or other exertion (took his ease on the couch after dinner; the calamine lotion brought me ease). We enjoy periods of ease whenever we can; leisure, on the other hand, is often something granted to employees by their employers—the word comes from a Latin verb meaning “to allow.” Leisure suggests freedom from work or other duty, allowing rest or recreation (has a lot of leisure  time; traveling for business, not leisure). It’s no wonder many people dream of a life of leisure, but leisure has financial benefits, too: it’s often written about as an industry and linked with hospitality, sports, tourism, and entertainment.

Commonly found as

life of leisure
He fondly recalled the life of leisure he led in his youth, as he penciled his single week of vacation for the year into his calendar.
traveling for leisure
I seemed to be the only person on the plane traveling for leisure, because everyone else was in business attire and hunched over their laptops.

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Sunday, September 05, 2021


glean is a synonym of gather

verb [ gleen ]

glean is another word for gather

Gather has many definitions stemming from its oldest sense of bringing a number of people or things together in one place: for example, it can mean to pick or harvest (gather crops), to collect or select from a number of things (gather evidence or intelligence), or to conclude or infer (I gathered his car had broken down). Glean overlaps with gather at more than one point. Originating as a term for collecting the bits left of a crop after the regular harvest is over, glean in its figurative meaning implies slow or laborious gathering of information or insight, sometimes by scraping together bits from various sources (glean wisdom from their own experience, gleaning insights from big data).

Commonly found as

glean information
The prisoner listened to the guards banter night after night, gleaning what information he could about the location of the camp where he was being held.
glean insights
It was unclear to the intern how anyone could glean insights about customer activity from these rows and rows of data.

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