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Synonym of the day

Wednesday, August 05, 2020


astute is a synonym of smart

adjective [ uh-stoot, uh-styoot ]

astute is another word for smart

The adjectives smart and astute both describe intelligence, which takes many different forms! Smart usually implies a quick or ready mind; astute connotes robust comprehension, marked by piercing insight and impressive discernment of detail. When used to describe people, astute also suggests shrewdness, cleverness, and cunning. Someone who is described as astute, such as an astute politician, is able to not only understand a highly nuanced situation in great detail, but also use that insight to their advantage.

Commonly found as

tactically astute
She was a tactically astute manager, using what she learned by keenly observing her coworkers to enhance their productivity and morale.
astute observation
The student's astute observation opened up a whole new avenue for discussion in the classroom.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2020


plight is a synonym of situation

noun [ plahyt ]

plight is another word for situation

A situation is a condition or set of circumstances. A particularly unfavorable or unfortunate situation is a plight. While you will sometimes encounter plight used laughingly to describe circumstances that are exceedingly manageable—lacking clean socks, he found himself in a terrible plightyou will more commonly see plight used to discuss truly dire and precarious circumstances, as those faced by workers in perilous conditions, or refugees fleeing home for reasons of personal safety.

Commonly found as

attention + plight
The organization sought to bring attention to the plight of children living in poverty.
the plight of
She hoped the leader's speech would address the plight of farmers who were being put out of business.

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Monday, August 03, 2020


acquiesce is a synonym of allow

verb [ ak-wee-es ]

acquiesce is another word for allow

To allow is to permit or acknowledge something, the way a teacher might allow a student to be absent, or an insurance company might allow a claim. While not necessarily an enthusiastic show of support, allow implies no effort to hinder something from occurring. Acquiesce, on the other hand, is full of reluctance. To acquiesce is to assent tacitly, or to submit or comply silently or without protest. Typically when a person acquiesces to or in something, they're not thrilled about it, but after objection, debate, or negotiation, they're accepting it with a degree of resignation.

Commonly found as

acquiesce to demands
The government finally acquiesced to the demands of the international community.
refuse to acquiesce
The cast of the musical was glad the director refused to acquiesce in the cancellation of the Sunday matinée.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar