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Friday, July 31, 2020


exploit is a synonym of use

verb [ ik-sploit ]

exploit is another word for use

In the most general sense, to use something is to employ it for some purpose, the way one might use a fork to eat spaghetti. However, when it is people rather than forks being used, this familiar verb takes a sinister turn. Here we find the synonym exploit. To exploit someone or a group of people is to take advantage of them in an unfair or unethical way. More often than not, exploit implies selfishness and mistreatment—often with a singular focus on profit. However, in highly competitive fields, such as sports and business, exploit may be used in a way that suggests cleverness in making full use of something, such as a competitor's weakness or potential market opportunities.

Commonly found as

ruthlessly exploit
The boss ruthlessly exploited his workers, paying them far less than a living wage despite record profits.
exploit opportunity, exploit weakness
The company was able to exploit unique opportunities and grow their business online.

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Thursday, July 30, 2020


eminently is a synonym of very

adverb [ em-uh-nuhnt-lee ]

eminently is another word for very

The adverbs very and eminently both indicate that an action is performed or a relation exists to a high degree. But the adverb eminently, close in meaning to notably, often connotes prominence and esteem. Consider the adjective eminent: a person who is eminent is high in rank or distinguished, as an eminent diplomat. An eminent quality is one that is conspicuous or noteworthy, as in eminent fairness. An eminent feature is one that is protruding or projecting, as eminent rock formations. The common theme of prominence, or standing out, carries over to the adverb eminently. Those who are eminently qualified exhibit a degree of qualifications that set them apart.

Commonly found as

eminently qualified
The new owner is eminently qualified to lead the company to greatness.
eminently fair
The reporter was eminently fair in her retelling of events.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020


relish is a synonym of enjoy

verb [ rel-ish ]

relish is another word for enjoy

The verbs enjoy and relish are close in meaning, but relish has far more flavor. To relish something is to enjoy it with marked appreciation or keen delight. Consider the noun relish, a condiment that one adds to a dish to impart flavor and—we hope—enhance enjoyment. The idea of savoring a special taste or flavor carries over to the verb, even when the tastes and flavors are figurative rather than literal. When someone relishes an experience, for instance, they are making a point to appreciate the distinctive aspects (flavors) of that particular encounter or activity.

Commonly found as

relish the opportunity
The professor relished the opportunity to hear other experts in the field discuss his work.
seem to relish
Rather than shy away from it, the politician seemed to relish the spotlight.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar
Synonym of the Day Calendar