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Synonym of the day

Monday, July 27, 2020

synonym for influence


noun [ lev-er-ij, lee-ver- ]

leverage is another word for influence

The noun influence refers to a type of unofficial power to direct the actions or thoughts of others; it typically implies deference to one's character, ability, or station. The noun leverage also refers to a type of power, but power of a less mysterious nature, usually derived from an advantage. A company that has the advantage of being the only commercial enterprise in a town might have considerable leverage, or power, in its union negotiations. Leverage comes from the word lever, a rigid bar used to move an object by applied force at a certain point. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the word leverage commonly appears in discussion of politics and business.

Commonly found as

use as leverage
The committee decided to use the recent show of public support as leverage to get their plan passed.
political leverage
The company's massive user base gave it political leverage.

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Sunday, July 26, 2020

synonym for easy


adjective [ fas-il ]

facile is another word for easy

Something that is easy is by definition not hard or difficult. When an activity or goal can be carried out or achieved with little difficulty or effort, it may be called facile. A facile victory, for instance, is a victory won handily with minimal exertion. Similarly, someone who is facile with words expresses themself with ease. While these senses of facile connote skillfulness, facile sometimes sports an air of superficiality: facile answers are overly simplistic or trite responses to difficult questions; facile assumptions are things taken for granted that really shouldn't be; and facile arguments are shallow lines of reasoning—all things formed or arrived at a little too easily.

Commonly found as

facile win, facile victory
The team sailed to a facile victory.
facile and glib
The answer he provided was facile and glib, and failed to really address the problem.

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Synonym of the day

Saturday, July 25, 2020

synonym for understand


verb [ fath-uhm ]

fathom is another word for understand

When we understand something, we perceive the meaning of it. When we fathom something, the perception goes a little deeper. To fathom something is to penetrate to the truth of it, or plumb its depths. The word gets its depth, so to speak, from the noun sense of fathom, a unit of measurement equivalent to six feet used for gauging depth in water. Consequently, one can fathom (measure the depth of) a body of water, or fathom (attempt to get to the bottom of) a difficult or complicated matter. Such depths may seem profound and hard to comprehend, which is perhaps why fathom is so frequently used when full comprehension feels just out of reach.

Commonly found as

hard to fathom, difficult to fathom
For us down here on Earth, it is difficult to fathom the enormity of the universe.
fathom how
She could not fathom how decades of work fell apart so quickly.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar