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Saturday, July 18, 2020


expound is a synonym of explain

verb [ ik-spound ]

expound is another word for explain

To explain is to make clear something that is not known or understood. A parent might explain to a disbelieving child why they cannot have ice cream for dinner (no nutritional value!). To expound is to give a methodical, detailed, scholarly explanation of something. It is a more elaborate action, with a slightly performative or presentational sense. A professor might expound theories, doctrines, or philosophies with lengthy verbosity. Legal experts might expound a law, and religious scholars might expound Scripture. But we also find  it used humorously on occasion, in a slightly teasing or self-deprecating manner. While the use of expound with a preposition, as in expound on or expound upon, has some critics, pairings such as these have become increasingly common and are sure to be understood just fine.

Commonly found as

expound at length
In her wedding sermon, the officiant expounded at length on the significance of commitment.
expound a theory
My father loves to expound theories about what life will be like in the future.

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Friday, July 17, 2020


aspire is a synonym of hope

verb [ uh-spahyuhr ]

aspire is another word for hope

To hope for something is to desire it with only some expectation that it will happen. It conveys a feeling of longing or wishfulness. The verb aspire nudges desire toward action, implying an eagerness and drive to make it so. The work that goes into making an aspiration real may even leave you breathless. After all, aspire comes from the Latin verb aspīrāre "to breathe upon" or "to pant after." Consider the lofty aspirations of the dog who pants after the squirrel; much like Fido, when we aspire to something, we are working to attain it.

Commonly found as

aspire to become
The young man aspired to become a professional interior designer someday, so he took an internship to gain relevant experience.
aspire to greatness
Many young artists aspire to greatness, emulating the masters in their technique and honing their own personal style.

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Thursday, July 16, 2020


convivial is a synonym of fun

adjective [ kuhn-viv-ee-uhl ]

convivial is another word for fun

Something that is fun provides enjoyment or amusement. Something that is convivial is friendly and agreeable, or festive. Convivial is a warm and social term; it's most often used to talk about gatherings of people who are in high spirits and enjoying one another's company, often sharing in a meal or refreshments. Its gregarious nature makes sense given its origin: convivial comes from the Latin noun convīvium meaning "feast," which derives from the verb convīvere "to live together, to dine together." When describing a person, convivial means "merry company, jovial." Convivial is good company any time of year, but given its appetite for feasting and gathering, it's no wonder we hear convivial a little more around the holidays!

Commonly found as

convivial atmosphere
Everyone was enjoying the convivial atmosphere, laughing, chatting, and eating to their hearts' content.
warm and convivial
The host was warm and convivial, and quickly made the guests feel welcome.

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