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Friday, July 10, 2020


dilemma is a synonym of problem

noun [ dih-lem-uh ]

dilemma is another word for problem

A dilemma is a special type of problem that requires a choice between two equally undesirable alternatives. When faced with a dilemma, we struggle to decide the best course of action. Dilemma comes from the Greek noun dílēmma, meaning "double proposition." In addition to being faced with a dilemma, one can be in a dilemma, or, more precariously, on the horns of a dilemma, meaning that even if you are able to avoid one horn (or choice), you may end up impaled by the other. While we don't often hear of people being trapped by dilemma, we do hear of people being trapped between a rock and a hard place (quite the dilemma!), and the theme of captivity turns up in prisoner's dilemma, a term that is used to talk about the tensions and trade-offs of individuals making decisions in their own self-interest versus for the good of a group.

Commonly found as

face a dilemma
The historian faced the dilemma of including the original text in her book, which some readers might not understand, or editing it for modern usage and losing some of the intended nuances.
ethical dilemma, moral dilemma
Whether or not to go through with predictive genetic testing is an ethical dilemma that many parents face.

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Thursday, July 09, 2020


compelling is a synonym of interesting

adjective [ kuh m-pel-ing ]

compelling is another word for interesting

Interesting is one of those familiar adjectives that we reach for so often, it verges on filler. Compelling is a more intense form of interesting that can bring your meaning into focus. When something is compelling, in the sense of having a powerful and irresistible effect, it commands our attention. The adjective comes from the verb compel, which means "to force or drive, especially to a course of action." Compelling cases or compelling arguments force us to consider them. Art can be visually compelling, drawing us in and capturing our attention. Similarly, good books are often described as compelling if we cannot put them down.

Commonly found as

compelling story, compelling reason
Her triumph over the adversity of growing up in an underprivileged neighborhood was an incredibly compelling story.
clear and compelling
The prosecutor presented the case in a clear and compelling manner.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2020


favorable is a synonym of good

adjective [ fey-ver-uh-buh l, feyv-ruh- ]

favorable is another word for good

Good is a handy catch-all for describing things in a positive light, but it's not very specific. For moments when you want to convey that something bodes well, enjoys approval or support, or, especially, affords an advantage or convenience, try favorable. Weather conditions are often described as favorable when they are conducive to a specific purpose or activity. Attitudes and opinions are often described as favorable when they support a specific position, idea, or person, as in favorable views of environmental initiatives or a favorable opinion of a political candidate.

Commonly found as

favorable conditions
The expert team of scientists and engineers postponed the mission until the weather report offered more favorable conditions for launch.
create favorable, produce favorable
Educators are always talking about creating a more favorable environment for learning by improving the classroom resources and increasing safety measures for students.

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Synonym of the Day Calendar