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articulate is a synonym of eloquent

adjective [ ahr-tik-yuh-lit ]

articulate is another word for eloquent

Eloquent describes having a fluid, effective style of speech and being able to accurately and appropriately express thoughts, ideas, and concepts (They gave an eloquent presentation).

Articulate describes using language easily and well and being able to express thoughts, ideas, and concepts in a clear way (He’s a very articulate person when he wants to be).

Eloquent and articulate both describe using language in a fluid way.

✅ However, while articulate emphasizes clarity, eloquent emphasizes speaking in a forceful and appropriate way (She was an eloquent speaker, and many people fell under her spell).

We hope this was articulate—now go check out some other synonyms!

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analytical is a synonym of inquisitive

adjective [ an-l-it-i-kuhl ]

analytical is another word for inquisitive

Inquisitive describes being curious and being disposed to doing research or asking questions (an inquisitive child).

Analytical describes having an inclination for analyzing problems, situations, motivations, and similar (She’s a good problem solver because she’s very analytical).

Inquisitive and analytical may be used together, but they don’t describe the same things.

✅ Someone who is inquisitive might also be analytical because their propensity for research has made them good at analyzing problems, and someone who is analytical might also be inquisitive because they need more information.

Exercise your analytical mind with the help of these synonyms.

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macabre is a synonym of morbid

adjective [ muh-kah-bruh ]

macabre is another word for morbid

Morbid describes things that are gruesome and grisly. It also describes a mental state that is unwholesomely gloomy (a morbid scene; a morbid outlook).

Macabre describes things that are gruesome, grim, or ghastly, especially things that are suggestive of death (a macabre poem).

Macabre is a bit more elevated of a word than morbid (The horror film director was thrilled by the macabre setting of the catacombs).

We promise these macabre synonyms won’t be too scary!

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