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A forest’s most intimate neighbors must wholeheartedly want it saved, one generation after another.

Jay wholeheartedly devotes herself to Manny’s care, even accompanying him on a visit to a group home.

They decided to stay home while Bennett, surprising probably no one, embraced the adventure wholeheartedly.

There is no reason, with the scrutiny in horse racing right now, there is no reason that he would ever give his horses anything to be unfair to to cheat, and we believe that wholeheartedly.

I am still in awe of what happened to me and how people I don't know, who have nothing to gain from helping me, came to my aid so quickly and so wholeheartedly.

From Time

In return, Cuban rhetoric wholeheartedly blamed the United States for crippling their economy.

Wellington, New Zealand Our Oceania pick is the latest city to wholeheartedly embrace the global Brooklyn movement.

“I firmly and wholeheartedly reject the allegations,” Hawking said from a Cambridge Hospital.

They were all willing to wholeheartedly put themselves out there for this thing they cared deeply about.

Believe it wholeheartedly or look at it as a founding myth of Western culture.

Wholeheartedly and with utter disregard of personal sacrifice this vast aggregation committed itself to the task.

He entered wholeheartedly into her plans; he was so handsome and intuitive, so big and tall, yet so almost femininely sympathetic.

The listener would enthuse in her turn, sometimes wholeheartedly, sometimes with an undercurrent of sadness or regret.

It means discovering what is the best solution for everybody involved, and then working wholeheartedly toward that solution.

The real reason for conquering anxious fear is that a man may give himself wholeheartedly to the service of the Kingdom.


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