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The climate of Cumberland does not overpower one—the air is of a quality that urges you on to think and do.

Holz also urges: Resign the guardianship; this will make an impression on him.

Michal, the tender woman friend, urges him to cast his hopes away—warns him that he is too proud.

Regard for decency, refined sensibility and common humanity, urges non-fellowship with slaveholders.

The original attraction then triumphs over the force of recoil, and urges the atoms once more together.

The main obvious principle he urges is to be pushed until the community surrenders to it.

The Grimk SistersCatherine H. Birney

He confesses that he cannot imagine why the points should possess this curious power, but urges that facts seem to demonstrate it.

More missionaries are needed in the islands but Tavora urges that more care be exercised in selecting them.

Next, he not only admits that it is like Plato, but urges the too great likeness to Plato as one of the points of his case.

Now this is precisely what the New York hackman invariably does before he gathers up the reins and urges on his "galled jades."


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